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Choir Notes (Student/Parent Newsletter)

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Clear Lake Choir NotesAugust Edition
Greetings! Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year and to the Clear Lake Choir Family! We are thrilled to have your students in our academically sound choral program! You can expect to find a Choir Notes newsletter at the beginning of every month from my email address in your inbox. The purpose of this email is to keep all parents up-to-date on all CLC happenings. To be fully informed on all Clear Lake Choir happenings, please read these emails; we try our absolute best to keep you “in the know” on our events.
Sempre Saturday, August 27, Required for all
Clear Lake Choir’s Sempre Saturday will take place Saturday, August 27, in the new building. This event is REQUIRED for all students and parents. Students are called at 8:15 AM for warm up, workshops, team building, and more! Lunch will be provided for the all students. Parents are called at 12:00 PM to the new auditorium for a mini-performance and a parent meeting. Sempre Saturday will conclude by 2:00 PM if not sooner. Lunch will not be served this year.
At our parent meeting, we will discuss important points in the Clear Lake Choir Handbook and the Financial & Parental Obligations Handbook. After our parent meeting you will also be given time to sign and return all Clear Lake Choir forms, turn in the required choir dues, pay your first Carnegie Hall deposit, join the Booster Club, and purchase Clear Lake Choir Merchandise. Cash and checks accepted. Please return the completed Sempre Saturday Invitation (see attachment) in class on Wednesday, August 24. 
Our Sempre Saturday Raffle, for two free admission tickets to the 2017 San Jacinto College All-State Choir Camp or a small scholarship for current seniors, will also begin on 8/27/16. Raffle tickets are $3 or two for $5 and will be on sale at Sempre Saturday and are also available through the Choir Office after 8/27. Winners will be announced at our Fall Concert. Must be present to win.
Email Attachments
You will have four items attached to this email and, below, you will find a description of each and how they work:
  • Sempre Saturday Invitation: Please return this form with all necessary information and payment to class on Wednesday, August 24. 
  • Clear Lake Choir Handbook: This handbook provides all rules and regulations for Clear Lake Choir. Students and Parents will be responsible for this information after the first week of school. This document can also be found all year under the Students & Families section of
  • Soundwaves Handbook: This handbook provides all rules and regulations for Soundwaves. Students and Parents will be responsible for this information after the first week of school. This document can also be found all year under the Students & Families section of 
  • Parental & Financial Obligations Handbook: This document provides details for a majority of the costs associated for Clear Lake Choir. We will provide copies of this document throughout Sempre Saturday. To expedite your Sempre Saturday experience, you may also print and complete this document prior to Sempre Saturday. This document can also be found all year under the Students & Families section of Please note that if personal funds are tight, let us know; we are happy to work with you. Your student should not be un-enrolled from choir due to lack of funding.
  • Parent Forms: This document contains all forms that require completion upon the conclusion of Sempre Saturday. To expedite your Sempre Saturday experience, you are welcome to fill these out prior to Sempre Saturday; hard copies will also be available. This document can also be found all year under the Students & Families section of 
  • 16-17 Concert Season: This poster contains Clear Lake Choir’s concert season. You may print this out or save it to your desktops for future reference. This information can also be found on 
Homework & Practicing for Choir
Clear Lake Choir utilizes a website, provided by our wonderful Booster Club, to publicize our events, distribute information, for homework, and for practice tracks. To access the homework area, visit and click “Homework.” Throughout the year, students will need to access the Practice Tracks from the Homework page. After clicking “Practice Tracks,” students should input the password “choirstudent” to gain access to the tracks. This area is password protected for copyright purposes.  
Booster Club, First Meeting, 9/6/16, Angelo’s Pizza, 6:00 PM
We would like to invite all parents to take part in our wonderful Booster Club. Our incredible group of parents plays an integral role in assisting the Clear Lake Choir program in all its success. We hope you consider joining the our team at Sempre Saturday; see the Parental & Financial Obligations Handbook for more details on the Booster Club, meeting schedule, and membership levels. 
Support Booster Club by shopping at Kroger!
Link your Kroger Plus card to the Clear Lake Choir Booster Club and we will automatically earn money each time you shop. This is the easiest way to raise money for our program–last year we made $500! Even if you have previously linked the booster club to your Kroger Plus card, you must re-link your card for the 2016/2017 program year. To do so, simply:
  1. Visit and sign into your account. (You will need your Kroger Plus number, not just your alternate id if you have not already established an online account and password). 
  2. Click either Enroll Now or Re-Enroll Now.
  3. Input Clear Lake High School Choir Booster Club’s number (83518) and click search. 
  5. Click the Enroll button to complete the process.
To verify that you enrolled correctly, you will see CLEAR LAKE HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR BOOSTER CLUB listed in the Community Rewards section of your Account Information page.
2016 – 2017 Choir Calendar
Please click here to download the 2016 – 2017 Choir Calendar to your phone, tablet, and/or computer calendar. Anytime the calendar is updated, we will send out another link to sync your calendar. In an effort to save on paper, we are not printing physical calendars this year. If you wish to print a calendar for yourself, please click here. Students are responsible for making themselves aware and available for our events. The calendar will be available all year on Please see the Clear Lake Choir Handbook for information on how to work through schedule conflicts. 
Clear Lake Choir will be using Remind (formerly Remind 101) to communicate short vital bits of information to students and parents. This app allows Mr. Dominguez to text the subscribers (students and/or parents) information. The subscribers will not be able to see Mr. Dominguez’s cell phone number nor can they reply. Students and parents, if you subscribed last year, you MUST re-subscribe; I have deleted last year’s subscriptions. To subscribe to your student’s class, please follow the instructions below:


  • All Choirs
  • Send a text message to 81010
  • With the message @lagochoir
  • Soundwaves
  • Send a text message to 81010
  • With the message @soundwa
  • Choir Officers
  • Send a text message to 81010
  • With the message @chooff


All-State/Region Concert Choir Audition Process
Students of Clear Lake Choir are invited (some required) to audition for the following honor choirs processes: 
  • Texas All-State Choir Audition Process: The Texas All-State Choir is an elite group of selected high school choir students. The road to the All-State Choir contains several highly competitive audition rounds. Through the All-State process, students will learn a set of pre-selected music and audition with this music starting at the District Audition (9/24/16 @ CSHS, more info below), the first round of the All-State process. All members of Symphonic Chorale are required to audition; all other students are invited to audition. Through this process, students better their musical independency skills, strengthen their music reading skills, sharpen their minds, better the students around them with their heightened abilities, and better their overall musicianship. The entry fee is $5. You will find more information in the CLC Parental & Financial Obligations Handbook. For assistance in learning the All-State Choir music, students can visit and click Practice Tracks (password: choirstudent) for the online practice tracks, and attend our daily rehearsals after school starting 8/22/16. 
  • Region Concert Choir Audition Process: The Region Concert Choir is a process for students who wish to gain experience auditioning for high level ensembles on quality repertoire before taking on the All-State process. Like the All-State process, students will learn a set of pre-selected music and audition with this music at the Region Audition (10/22/16 @ CCHS). This will be this groups one and only round of auditions. All A Cappella Women’s Choir members are required to audition for this ensemble; they may also opt to audition for the All-State process. The entry fee is $5. You will find more information in the CLC Parental & Financial Obligations Handbook
CCISD All-State Choir Camp, 8/30 & 8/31/16, 5:00 – 9:00 PM, Clear Creek Intermediate
The annual CCISD All-State Choir Camp will take place on Tuesday, 8/30/16 and Wednesday 8/31/16 from 5:00 – 9:00 PM. This is an optional camp for students who wish to get ahead of the curve on the All-State Choir audition process. This camp is free and open to all students auditioning for the All-State Choir. 
Private Voice Lessons
Voice lessons are offered as a supplement to choral instruction. These lessons are weekly, 30 minute sessions in which a professional singer and voice instructor works one-on-one with the student to further improve vocal technique and to prepare additional literature for activities such as All-State auditions, Solo and Ensemble, and Pop Show. Lessons are optional, but highly recommended; to be placed with a teacher, please return the necessary forms found in the CLC Parental & Financial Obligations Handbook. 
At LAKE, four highly qualified teachers will be providing lessons:


  • Jenny Grundberg – (at LAKE)
  • Dr. Jimmy White – (at LAKE + regular masterclasses out of home)
  • Rebecca Pyper-Busselberg – (out of home)
  • Janice Robbins – (out of home)


Bro-Night & Girls Night In
All Clear Lake Choir students are invited to their specific gender’s night out. These nights tend to be big bonding nights for our student. If students do not have any prior commitments, they should attend these events. See below for more details:
  • Girls Night In: 9/9/16, 4:00 – 7:00 PM, Choir Room
    • All women are invited to take part in Girls Night In! Mrs. Blakey will lead an evening of food and fun through ice breaker activities, concert make-up how-to’s, and Disney movies! 
  • Bro Night: 9/16/16, 2:30 – 5:30 PM, Choir Room
    • All men are invited out to Bro-Night! Come out and enjoy TONS of pizza, video games, junk food and compete in our annual BRO-LYMPICS! Our Bro-Trophies are once again up for grabs in our crazy set of Bro-games. Students attending Bro Night should also bring a change of clothes; these should be clothes they do not mind getting dirty.
Spring Trip 2017: Carnegie Hall
We are excited to announce that Clear Lake Choir will travel to New York City and perform on the Carnegie Hall stage! We will depart the evening of April 14 and return on the evening of April 18. Our spring trips tend to be one of the highlights of each school year and this one promises to live up to those expectations. All students who travel to New York will perform on the Carnegie Hall stage. See the Spring Trip information in the Parental & Financial Obligations Handbook for details. 
District Auditions, 9/24/16, All Day, Clear Springs HS, Required for Symphonic Chorale, optional for others
The first audition round to the Texas All-State Choir will take place on 9/24/16 at Clear Springs HS. Students auditioning for All-State should make themselves available all day for this event. If you have a conflict with this audition date, please let Mr. Dominguez or Mrs. Blakey know ASAP. This audition is required for Chorale members and for any other students auditioning for All-State. This audition is not for those auditioning for the Region Concert Choir. Students should follow the schedule below:
  • 6:45 AM – Students arrive at LAKE for warm up
  • 7:15 AM – Students depart for SPRINGS on bus
  • 8:00 AM – Registration
  • 8:30 AM – Auditions begin
  • 3:00 PM – Auditions conclude 
  • 4:00 – 4:30 PM – Estimated arrival back at LAKE
Fall Concert, 10/4/16, 7:00 PM, CLHS Auditorium, Required for all
The Clear Lake Choirs will kick off their concert season with their yearly Fall Concert on Monday, 10/4/16 at 7 PM in the new CLHS Auditorium. Students will be called between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm for rehearsal. The goal of this concert is to train our singers to perform the repertoire learned in class to the best of their ability. The repertoire chosen for this concert should refine specific musical skills. Selected members of each choir will also augment the performance with a brief explanation of each piece and the skill set learned from the music. To view the our entire concert season, please visit
Clear Lake Int. Fall Concert, 10/6/16, 7:30 PM, CLI Cafeteria Required for Chorale
Symphonic Chorale will repeat their Fall Concert repertoire at the Clear Lake Intermediate School Choir Fall Concert on 10/6/16 at 7:30 PM in their school cafeteria. This is required for Symphonic Chorale (4th period) only. Chorale members should wear their choir polo and dark jeans and should follow the schedule below:
  • 7:00 PM – Chorale arrives for warm up 
  • 7:30 PM – Concert begins
  • 8:30 PM – Concert ends; students are dismissed
National Anthem @ Homecoming Game, 10/14/16, 7:00 PM, Challenger Stadium, Required for all
All students of Clear Lake Choir will perform the National Anthem at the Homecoming Game on 10/14/16 at 7:00 PM. Come out and support your students as they sing the Falcon team onto victory! Students are to wear their choir polo and dark jeans. Students should follow the schedule below:
  • 6:00 PM – Chorale arrives for warm up 
  • 7:00 PM – National Anthem (at the conclusion of the performance, students are invited to stay for the game and support their team)

Clear Lake Choir
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Jade Blakey – Director

Nick Leach – Associate Director