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Booster Club

2016-2017 Booster Club Officers                      President: Michelle Brookover                       Vice-President: David Brady
Treasurer: Gretchen Hoffman
Secretary: Carol Perry
       Fundraising Coordinator: needs to be filled!
Membership Coordinator: Deanna Pew
Uniform Coordinators: Kelly Agner
     Volunteer Coordinator: Debbie Korth                 Publicity: needs to be filled!              Snack Bags Coordinator:         Concert Dinner Coordinator:        Banquet/Senior Gift Coordinator: Lisa Roberts


he Choir Program at Clear Lake High School provides choir students of all levels opportunities to perform and grow musically. While the CCISD Fine Arts budget generously fuels our program, additional funds are needed to provide our students with the caliber of choir program we have come to expect and enjoy! The Booster Club is incredibly important to the overall experience of our students.

To the right is a list of our officers and available contact information. To join the Booster Club, please see the Parental & Financial Obligations Handbook AND Checklist in the Students & Families section.

Please see the CHARMS calendar for the Booster Club Meetings!

Clear Lake Choir
2929 Bay Area Blvd.
Houston, TX 77058

Jade Blakey – Director

Nick Leach – Associate Director