CLHS Choir Booster Club

The choir program provides choir students of all levels opportunities to perform and grow musically. The Booster Club coordinates fundraising and volunteer activities. The BC provides funding for choir camp and voice lesson scholarships, sound equipment and other things beyond the scope of the Fine Arts budget. The BC also organizes volunteers to ensure that our events and competitions run smoothly.

2020-2021 Booster Club Board

President – Jeanie Davis
Vice-President – Lisa Nichols
Secretary – Connie Hesselgesser
Treasurer – Chris Feng

Membership Coordinator – Valerie Owens
Volunteer Coordinator – Lisa Nichols
Corporate Sales – Erica Merrill
Uniform Coordinator – Casey Flores
Snack Bags Coordinator – Jackie Campbell
Banquet/Senior Gift Coordinator – Casey Flores

Concert Dinner Coordinator – Sarah Hale
Program Ad Coordinator – Roberta Swindull
Sempre Sat Family Picnic Lead- Connie Hosselgesser / Casey Flores

Booster Club Board Contact Sheet


Booster Club JOT FORM
For information about membership levels and their benefits, see page 4 of our handbook

Booster Club Meetings

Booster Club meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm and typically last 11/2 hours. Currently our meetings are being held virtually. Links are sent out prior to the meeting through email and can be found on our Booster CLub itslearning page. Scheduled meetings can be found in our Charms calendar  at (school code: clearlakechoir). All members are encouraged to attend! 

Next Meeting September 8 @ 6:00. Contact Jeanie Davis for the TEAMS link.

Future Meetings:
October 13, November 10, December 1, January 12, February 9, March 9, April 6, May 4, June 15
 * Meetings are subject to change. Please check back before attending meeting. 

Booster Club Membership Information

As you consider becoming a member of the CLHS Choir Booster club, please keep in mind
that the booster club’s first priorities are to provide organizational and financial support
to the Choir program. With the help of the booster club, the choir directors and the choir
students can achieve their goals by providing the necessary means. Since we are facing a
different school year due to COVID-19, the benefits related to the specific membership
levels may change.

*As of now, there are no in-person concerts in the fall. We are hoping
the Spring semester will be different but there is no guarantee.*

Membership Levels:

Member: $35 – Recognition in Program
Patron: $60 – Recognition in Program*4 Priority Seats to Spring Concert
Sustainer: $125 – Recognition in Program*4 Priority Seats to Spring Concert*4 Priority Seats to 1 night of Pop Show (ticket must still be purchased)
Director’s Circle: $250 – Recognition in Program*4 Priority Seats to Spring Concert*4 Priority Seats to 1 night of Pop Show(ticket must still be purchased)Full Page Color Ad in Pop Show Program

If you have any questions about membership please email our Member Chair Valerie Owens.

To become a corporate sponsor contact Erica Merrill.
Sign up for rewards programs with Amazon, Kroger and Randall’s.
Please see the Charms Calendar for the Booster Club Meeting schedule!

Membership Form Information

Click Here to Join Clear Lake Choir Booster Club

Things to order on the Membership form

  • Clear Lake Choir Booster Membership
  • Singer’s Face Masks
  • Clear Lake Choir Yard Sign
  • Clear Lake Choir Car Decal

Clear Lake Choir Booster Membership

Please refer to the membership section on this page for more information.

Singer’s Face Masks

If you are a Brick & Mortar Student, be prepared to sing in a mask! Ms.Candis, the fabulous seamstress who makes the Soundwaves’ dresses, will be creating singers’ masks for our use!

  • Comfortable Material – They are 100% cotton, with 2 layers of the fabric with a non-woven filter in-between. 
  • Resuable – They can be washed (gently), after removing the nosewire.
  • Great Fit – It creates a good seal all the way around your face with some well-placed elastic. It is kept away from your mouth with piece of plastic so when you inhale or talk, it won’t suck into your mouth!
  • Sizes – They come in a large and small size. (Mrs. Blakey wears a small, Mr. Bonilla wears the large.)
  • Color – They will either be red or navy, depending on fabric availability.
  • Cost – They are $20. You can order one now using the membership form and pay with credit card or PayPal. You will pay the Booster Club. Proceeds will benefit the CLHS Choir Booster Club.
  • Delivery – Theses masks are being made-to-order. All orders received by Wed. Sept 11th will have masks delivered by the week of September 21st.
  • More Information – It is okay to bring your own singing mask with some restrictions. Gaiters or masks with vents will not be used for singing. The mask should be well fitted to your face and should be multiple layers. It is also suggested that you have a mask you use just for singing. As you can imagine, singing into a mask will create a lot of moisture. (These masks are much more comfortable for talking and yelling at your friends down the hall! Maybe buy more than 1 to use on alternate days or one as your “singing” mask and one as your “in class” mask!)

Yard Signs

Show you CLHS Choir pride with a yard. Yard signs can be purchased on the membership form.

Car Decals

Show you CLHS Choir pride with a car decal. Car decals are included with your membership. You can opt out of receiving one or order additional ones for all your vehicles. Car decals can be purchased on the membership form.

How to Order Spirit Gear

Spirit items can be purchased all year long through T-SHIRT TRENDS.

Tour of Charms

Charms is the hub of communication for Clear Lake Choir. Here you can find tons of information including our Choir calendar and sign up for volunteer opportunities. Take a tour of charms.