Corporate Sponsorship

Thank you for supporting CLHS Choir!

Corporate Sponsorship has so many benefits. It generates revenue and brings the community together by creating partnerships. It allows the Booster Club to promote Clear Lake’s Choir’s role in our community while highlighting the amazing businesses in our area. Contact Collection Form is coming soon.

Student Responsibility

  • Each student in choir has a goal to sell one ad each = $100
  • Optional: Families can purchase 1-page ad to run the entire year for $100 or they can purchase an ad for 1 show at $50.
  • Deadline for monies and forms: 10/9/20

Added Incentives

  • Incentive for students that sell more than $300
    • Receive a full color page ad to run in programs all year
  • Incentive for students to sell more than $500
    • Receive a full page color ad to run in the program all year
    • PLUS be put in a drawing for a Sound Waves performance in   2020-2021 school year (date to be agreed upon in advance)

Benefits of Being a Corporate Sponsor

  • Exposure to all Clear Lake Choir Students, Families and Friends
  • All sponsorship Ads will be run in every program
  • All Ads will be virtual
  • All Ads will be in color
  • All Ads will live on CLHS Choir website the entire
  •   2020-2021 School year
  • All Sponsors will have the opportunity to offer incentives  on our Sponsor Incentive Page at no additional charge.
  • 7 Concerts:
    • Fall
    • Winter Tide
    • Spring Concert
    • 2 Pop Show Performances
    • Fall Soundwave Performance
    • Spring Soundwave Performance

List Companies

To become a corporate sponsor contact please our Corporate Sponsor Chair, Erica Merrill @