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Donate Now & Make a Difference

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Thank you so much for your interest in making a difference for  Clear Lake Choir!

If you wish to donate to Clear Lake Choir, please contact our Booster Club Treasurer, Gretchen Hoffman.

Make a Difference


ecause of the generosity of the of Clear Creek ISD, Clear Lake High School, and our Booster Club, the Clear Lake High School Choir is able to provide a high-quality high school choral program. See how any size contribution makes a difference.

Make a Difference
Program Expenses Average Cost
Choir Participation Fee for 1 Student $35
10 Voice Lessons for One Student $200
1 UIL Clinician (We hold 6 clinics a year) $150
Piano Tuning for 1 Piano (Clear Lake Choir owns 5) $500
Sheet Music for 1 Choir 1 One Year $650
Booster Club Member $30
Booster Club Patron $50
Booster Club Sustainer $100
Booster Club Director's Circle $200

Clear Lake Choir
2929 Bay Area Blvd.
Houston, TX 77058

Jade Blakey – Director

Nick Leach – Associate Director