How much does Choir cost?

Not much! Choir dues are only $35 per year. This yearly payment covers your music, uniform (tux or dress), contest UIL, and supplies. All students must purchase our informal uniform for a one time fee of $28.

CCISD charges an extra-curricular fee of $50 for the year. It is paid one time and covers all activities your student is involved in, including music and athletics.

Will I have to give up other activities for Choir?

NO!!! We highly encourage our students to participate in LAKE organizations. However, it is important to remember that commitment to the choir program is necessary. you must be organized and willing to communicate all conflicts with sponsors and choir directors.

Last year, our students were involved in the following activities: orchestra, Band, Drama, Art, Track, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Softball, Athletic Training, Debate, HOSA, NHS, and all national honor societies, DECA, Student Council, Love Letters, LOVERS, and a wide variety of clubs.

How much time does Choir take?

As a Clear Lake Choir student, you will be enrolled in an ability-level ensemble based on your hearing at the end of the year. All choirs meet during the school day. Choir is a performing art; all students will receive a major grade for each concert we produce. There will be opportunities for students to participate in all-region, all-state, solo & ensemble, and private lessons. These opportunities are not required but highly encouraged.

Choir shows up on your OFFICIAL transcript and looks great when getting ready for college. According to CCISD’s Fine Arts Director, college admission officers really care about what extra-curricular actuates you were involved in and love to see four years of involvement in those same activities. Even more than class rank and GPA, college admission officers look at your extra-curricular involvement and like to see commitment and consistency.

Will being in Choir affect my GPA?

YES!!! Research shows that participation in choir will affect your grades for the better! The college Entrance Examination Board found that students involved in public school music programs score 107 points higher on the SAT’s than other students. The US Department of Education lists choir as a subject that college-bound middle and high school students should take. Choosing not to do choir because it will lower your GPA is not a valid reason. A majority of Clear Lake Choir students are enrolled in AP, Pre-AP, and Dual Credit Courses, and consistently experience academic success.


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