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Our Mission

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ur goal is to create intelligent, engaged, skilled, and literate singers who possess an understanding of the theoretical structure and process of music; the physiology and anatomy of the vocal instrument; the vocabulary and methods by which various types of music are judged; the social, historical, and geographical contexts in which music is and has been written; and how to interpret musical texts, regardless of language, for meaning and expression. Our personal mission as educators is threefold: to facilitate students in developing themselves into mentally and spiritually vital young people, prepared for promising futures; to foster a culture of security and learning which will encourage students to take chances, expand and evolve, and inspire them to open their minds and hearts for the remainder of their lives; and to lead them through the study of vocal music to view the world and themselves from new perspectives, grow through self-expression, and practice collaboration and community.

Clear Lake Choir
2929 Bay Area Blvd.
Houston, TX 77058

Jade Blakey – Director

Nick Leach – Associate Director